Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell to the public?

Yes. We sell to both public customers as well as contracting companies.


Do you deliver?

Farmer Jacks does offer delivery. Delivery cost varies dependent upon location.


Can you deliver two bulk items
at once?


Yes! We have various size trucks to better suit your delivery needs. Call for specific details on the truck and load quantities.


Do you offer placement of boulders upon delivery?


Farmer Jacks does offer placement on natural stone boulders. It is an additional cost of $89.50 hourly.


Do you install?


Farmer Jacks does not partake in installation. We have many reputable contractors we can refer you to. Do not hesitate to call us for contact information.


How much does one bag of Polymeric Sand cover?


Our PermaPro Polymeric bags are 30kgs. One bag will cover approximately 80-100 square feet.


How do you install Polymeric Sand?


It is imperative that you follow the instructions of installing Polymeric sand carefully. Many tutorials are offered and it is wise to go over the procedure.

We suggest that the sand is to be poured over the area you want to cover. With a push broom, sweep the sand into the joints fully. Be sure the sand fills the joints completely. With the broom, sweep the top of the pavers so that no sand is remaining on top. With your garden hose, mist over the area lightly. Let the sand harden, and repeat the misting process. Be sure to take your time. Do not drench the sand; you do not want to drain out the polymer. If there is any sand left on the top of the paver while misting, it will harden and is nearly impossible to remove.


What is this white, milky substance coming out of my stone?


It is very common that this substance is found on the surface of concrete. This substance is actually a mineral, a deposit of white crystals that can sometimes appear on the surface of the concrete. It does not in any way compromise the functionality of the product. With rain, and time, efflorescence will disappear.


Are you open year round?

Yes. In fact, our landscaping season is usually from April to November. In the winter months we provide snow removal services and sell salt.